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Short Length Wigs by Henry Margu

Short hair can be playful and fun when done right. Henry Margu wigs take the most popular short hair styles and translate them into easy to wear, long-lasting wigs that are accessible for every woman. The well-known wig brand has over 50 years' worth of experience translating the latest styles, cuts and colors into stunning designs that will keep you looking your best.

Henry Margu short wigs are made with synthetic hair for consistency and durability. The brand uses the latest technologies and the highest quality products to ensure that the hair looks and feels natural. The synthetic fiber literally has the style baked into the fiber so minimal styling is needed.

Each style of wig is available in an array of colors. Choose a shade that's close to your natural hair or opt for a change without the commitment of dying your natural locks. Colored wigs offer an incredible amount of flexibility and are great for people looking to try on a new style. Henry Margu wigs are also ideal for medical applications where hair loss is a result of disease or treatment.

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